Advantage Database Server


Advantage Database Server is a complete, high performance client/server data management system for standalone and networked database applications. Using optimized data access, Advantage provides security, stability, and data integrity with zero administration. Advantage is the clear choice for proven reliability, performance, and functionality as well as a cost-effective solution for virtually any environment.

Flexibility Advantage

Advantage enables applications to access data with both a relational engine and a navigational engine. Advantage provides the most flexible client/server solution today. Advantage is the clear solution for scalable, multi-platform solutions.

Performance Advantage

Advantage Database Server gives new meaning to the word performance in the client/server world. Performance improvements are achieved primarily by reducing network traffic, intelligently maintaining database files, and providing intelligent lock management. When compared to other leading server solutions, Advantage Database Server offers exceptional performance without the overhead associated with other SQL-based database management systems.

Stability Advantage

With transaction processing (begin, commit, rollback transaction), Advantage Database Server eliminates database corruption by ensuring that every database operation is executed completely or is not executed at all. Server-based transaction processing, complete referential integrity support, and field-level and record-level constraint validation are all key features that allow Advantage Database Server to provide total database stability.

Cost Advantage

Advantage Database Server provides the same client/server benefits of other SQL solutions at a fraction of the cost. With Advantage Database Server, there are no hidden deployment costs. It installs in minutes and uses existing network file systems and hardware. Because it’s simple to implement and administer, Advantage requires no database administrator (DBA) or costly training. Advantage also provides a non-client/server database engine, called the Advantage Local Server, for single and small multi-user environments. Applications deployed with the Advantage Local Server can be distributed royalty-free, making it an ideal solution for a low-cost solution with seamless migration to client/server.

Technology Advantage

Extended Systems continues to expand the Advantage product family to include solutions that meet users’ evolving needs. Relational database functionality, such as triggers, stored procedures, referential integrity, and full text search are available. Further, a complementary product, Advantage Replication, allows Advantage Database Server customers to maintain identical database information at distributed locations.

Reliability Advantage

Advantage Database Server is the culmination of over 13 years of development experience in the database market. Advantage is backed by a fully-trained Technical Services department helping customers get the most out of their client/server solutions through exceptional support, training and consulting. Today, Advantage Database Server supports over 2.5 million deployments worldwide. It is the trusted solution for organizations spanning from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, each relying upon Advantage Database Server to run mission-critical applications that enable them to successfully conduct their business across the country and around the world.