Cloud / Web Interfaced POS (Point Of Sale)

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It's very easy to maintain and update your store on the web, ANYONE can do it!

Advanced web features, such as an interactive style pizza maker

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Our No-Programming-Required solution makes it quick and easy to start taking online orders TODAY!

You Should Be Benefiting From The Web ^

You must have noticed all of the major chains are offering special deals for web customers. This is because there are quite a few benefits to web ordering. At one time, large chains were the only ones that could afford special departments to create and maintain web sites. In order to solve this conundrum, we have created a way that allows even the non-tech-savvy businesses to create and manage a presence on the web without the large expense.

There are quite a few benefits to web ordering. Just some of the befits are:

Major Set Up Features ^

You don’t need to be a web guru to maintain a web presence, most of your settings are all ready set up in Flashpoint, all you have to do is a simple export and upload to Easy Store Manager. The cost to have a web developer add one sales item could easily pay for months of the interface fees.

Easy Store Manager allows for a seamless integration into your existing web site and keeps the same look and feel. If you do not have a web site, you can host your entire site on your Easy Store Manager account.

Easy Store Manager places the order directly into Flashpoint. (If desired a validation screen may be set up in Flashpoint)

Available features include:

Supported Flashpoint Pricing ^

Superior Web Features ^


By using Bing Maps, Easy Store Manager allows you to set up delivery quadrants for your location in minutes.

You can create an interactive style pizza maker in minutes. Use our generic pizza pictures, or create images of your own pizzas.

Easy Store Manager automatic prompts the customer for modifiers. Example: