Make Legacy Flashpoint Software Connect To Our New Licensing Server

WARNING: If you are running the current version of Flashpoint you can ignore this message.
Are you running an unsupported legacy version of Flashpoint and having troubles connecting to the server? Then download and execute this Ip Pointer updater on each station.
This is not an update to the version of Flashpoint you have installed.
Download The Ip Pointer Updater Now
If you don't feel comfortable doing this call to arrange a support session: 1-(800)-556-2321

Pizza POS (Point Of Sale)


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Special Basic Pizza Screen

Flashpoints custom pizza order entry screen allows you to ring in a pizza in any order the customer calls it out. How many times has a customer called and said can I get a pizza with pepperoni ham and mushrooms, thin crust Large? It does not matter if they order the size, crust or toppings first, the special pizza screen allows for it. If a customer changes their mind and wants a different size, that is also not a problem, you can change the size of the pizza with one touch. You do not need to clear the order and start from the beginning.

Pizza Pricing

There is no pricing that Flashpoint can't handle. Just some of the pricing that Flashpoint can handle; pricing your pizzas by the number of toppings; setting a different price for each topping; 2 for 1, 3 for 1 etc; Buy one pizza get X number of pizzas at a deal price; 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas; 1/4 toppings; etc. There has never been a pricing structure that we could not do.