Enterprise Gift Card And Customer Loyalty


All terminal software is included with the customer loyalty and gift card systems. There is no need to buy expensive terminal server software to connect your stores. Information is sent to and from the stores in the chain instantly.

Gift cards and customer loyalty cards are managed at corporate for the entire chain. Cards can be issued at any store and are shared throughout the chain. Redemptions can be made at any store no matter what store the gift card or loyalty card was issued from. By managing cards at Corporate, there is no need to pay for monthly fees to have the cards managed by an outside firm. If you do not wish to manage your own gift card program, an interface is available that allows the cards to be managed by an outside card processing company.

Gift cards and customer loyalty cards can be sold or redeemed manually through the telephone line if the internet fails. You never have to worry about customers not being able to use their cards. Card totals can be quickly viewed and purchase/redemption history printed for the customer at any time.

Gift cards and customer loyalty cards can not be sold without first being verified by Corporate, eliminating fraud. Cards are encrypted and cannot be modified or viewed without using Flashpoint.

The customer’s personal information can be set when the loyalty card is issued. Possible settings include birthday’s anniversaries favorite sports etc. All information is user definable allowing you to retrieve only the information you require.

Points can be set by the sales item and/or the total of the check. Points for specific items can be disabled or changed at any time. Unlimited redemption buttons can be added and cannot be rung in without the appropriate amount of points being available on the customer’s card.

When the customer loyalty is teamed up with the delivery mode, Flashpoint will automatically track the customer totals and can be setup to display a message when the customer has enough points to make a redemption.

Customer reports including all sales and redemption totals can be viewed or printed at Corporate. Mailing labels can be printed for customers for personalized mailings