Fine Dining / Table Service

Take advantage of Flashpoint™ extensive table management features, which include:

  • Windows Tablet Solution
  • Custom Table Layout
  • Reservation Diary
  • Automatic Course Printing
  • Split Checks and Items

Potential Configurations

  • Hostess Station
  • Server Station
  • Handheld Terminals
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Bar Station
  • Bar Printer
  • Liquor and Draft Interface
  • Enterprise Management Solution

Hostess Station

The hostess station is used to record and manage seating. Take advantage of Flashpoint™ caller Id interface for reservations.

Server Station / Handheld's

Have your servers take orders from the station or have the order taken directly at the table with the use of Flashpoint™ handheld solution.

Kitchen Printer / Autofire Function

Flashpoint™ Autofire system will pace your kitchen and dining room by printing courses at pre-defined time intervals.

Bar Station

Eliminate extensive tracking of bar items, reports etc. By using Flashpoint™ integrated bar interface. By taking a single report, you can balance your bar at any time in just seconds.