Call Center One Number Central Dispatch


Orders can be routed to the proper stores using either the customers Postal/Zip code or by using the MapPoint® Interface. By using MapPoint®, drivers have the option of printing maps along with the fastest route. Managers have the ability to estimate the drivers return time based on the setups through MapPoint®. When placing an order the price will not be displayed until the customers address has been entered. Once the address is entered, Flashpoint will display the pricing for the store that will be making the delivery.


If there is a call back on an awaiting delivery, there is no need to pickup a phone to call the store. The order taker can simply send an instant message to the store that will be making the delivery. Once the message is entered it will be displayed immediately on the stores screen, allowing the employee at the screen the opportunity to return a message.


If a store cannot make deliveries, orders for that store can be automatically re-routed to another store. Once the original store is able to make deliveries again the system can be re-set quickly and effortlessly.


When a customer calls to place an order for a future date or time, the order taker can simply place a deferred order. Once placed, the order will print at the appropriate date/time. There is no need to worry about the kitchen loosing the order or the order taker forgetting to place the order at the appropriate time. There is even a built in pricing function that displays the cost of the order allowing the manager to create special pricing on large orders.


If the internet connection fails for one or more stores, there is no need to physically call the stores. With Flashpoint's built in Backup Fax Server interface, the orders can be automatically faxed to the stores as they are placed.


If the phone lines for one or more stores completely fail, the backup print server can be initialized. When orders are placed, they will be automatically printed allowing the order taker to call the store using cell phones.


Credit cards can be taken at the time of ordering and printed at the store with the order. There is even an option to force the payment type before the order is sent to the store. If the customer is paying by credit card the system will verify the card, if the card fails the order will not be placed unless another payment type is selected