Employee Scheduling For POS (Point Of Sale)


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Online Scheduling

With our Easy Store Manager Interface we have the ability to automatically upload schedules created in Flashpoint™ to a website for managers and employees. This would allow for a manager to setup login accounts for each employee to trade or give away shifts.

Life Cycle of a Shift Change

  • Employee A. requests a shift change with Employee B.
  • Shift change notification email is sent to Employee B.
  • Employee B. accepts the shift change.
  • Shift accept notification is sent to managers for approval
  • Managers can see current hours for each employee. The manager can then accept or decline.
  • Shift Status notification sent to Employee A. and Employee B.


Flashpoint’s Scheduling system goes far beyond just a spread sheet. By incorporating projections based on past sales or a percentage of past sales you will know what the approximate wage cost will be by the day and week allowing you to dramatically reduce over scheduling.

Other features of the scheduling system include:

  • Multiple methods to print the schedules
  • A quick method to change employees for rotating schedules
  • The total hours scheduled and pay for the week for each employee
  • Incorporates multiple shifts