Make Legacy Flashpoint Software Connect To Our New Licensing Server

WARNING: If you are running the current version of Flashpoint you can ignore this message.
Are you running an unsupported legacy version of Flashpoint and having troubles connecting to the server? Then download and execute this Ip Pointer updater on each station.
This is not an update to the version of Flashpoint you have installed.
Download The Ip Pointer Updater Now
If you don't feel comfortable doing this call to arrange a support session: 1-(800)-556-2321

Tablet MPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale)

(On Windows)

Unlike most systems that give you limited features on the Tablet, Flashpoint allows you to do any function that is available at the regular order entry station. Using Flashpoints Tablet solution, you have more features available than any other entire POS system available.

In extremely fast paced environments, employees don’t have time to take down an order then walk to a terminal to place the order. With Flashpoint™ Windows 8 Tablet Solution, the server simply takes the order while standing at the table and sends it to the kitchen, without ever touching the terminal. When the table is ready to leave the server can print the check to any printer, using the wireless hand held. This great feature not only saves time and money but also virtually eliminates incorrect order placement.