Drive Thru POS (Point Of Sale)


Flashpoint™ POS Software offers powerful functionality with features that greatly enhance the ease of order entry. Once you have integrated Flashpoint™ into your establishment, you will immediately have access to amazing new controls that will allow you to increase your profits and greatly reduce employee errors.

Restaurants that have multiple drive-thru windows can nominate one or more station to be order takers. On these stations the employee has access to entering and servicing drive-thru orders only. Once serviced, the order will be sent to a queue on the cashier station, ready to be closed (or added to if necessary). On the drive-thru cashier station, the next car in the queue can be brought back up in order to add to or close the order.

For stores that have only one window that is used for both taking and closing orders you can set up a station as both the drive-thru order taker and cashier. The employee can enter the order on this station and service it. When the car comes up to pay, the employee can touch the next car button and display the card order in order to add to it or close the order.