Enterprise POS Reporting


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Online Reporting

With our Easy Store Manager Interface we have the ability to automatically upload corporate report data created in Flashpoint™ to a website for managers and employees. This allows the end user to login, generate and save thousands of reports and charts based on any selected date range. Reports can then be exported to PDF, Excel and Word.


Many of the reports that are available at the store are also available in the Enterprise Software.

The data for the stores is uploaded to Corporate upon closing of the days sales. Once the data is sent to Corporate the reports can be viewed by the location, region, multiple locations or all locations.

Reports can even be sent by email in PDF format for easy viewing, or viewed through the Corporate Controller.

Many different reports are available as graphs for quick analysis of data. Minute man report data is uploaded to Corporate live during the day allowing you to run reports in “real time”, thus allowing you to correct problems as they occur, instead of the next day. Data included in the Minute Man reports include; Wage Cost, Sales, Deletions, Coupons, Discounts, Refunds, Daily Doc Totals Etc. Virtually any totals created at the store can be sent to Corporate.